Coronavirus & the beauty industry

May 25, 2020

Well hello my fellow lockdown companions. I don’t know about you but I am tired of travelling from La Bedroom to La Kitchenburg! I cannot fully express my emotions and jumbled thoughts at this given crisis!  I am either bored out of my mind, multi-tasking to the extent that I can’t think straight, stressed about the future or pondering if I should get into my jeans this week – Nah, that’s way too depressing!   

If you thought toilet paper panic purchases is crazy, just wait until 30 MILLION people want their laser, nails and hair done AT THE SAME TIME!  

I can definitely say and I think most of our lovely hair, beauty and aesthetic professionals out there would agree that we are all missing making people feel good and look good! There is nothing more satisfying than when a client is snoring during a massage or when you see the surprised and glowing face after doing a brilliant facial. The expression of pure satisfaction when a client walks through our door and tells us she is amazed that her laser hair removal experience is truly pain-free and she is now hair-free. These moments is what we live for. 


During this crisis the hair, beauty and aesthetic industry has changed drastically. It’s been weeks that we have had to stop trading. Not only has our retail division suffered but having performed no treatments at all has put a silencing halt to our day to day lives and income generating streams. Yes, now that we in stage 3 we can sell retail but this sort of turnover will not even pay the bills, never mind pay our staff. Most salons can be described as a small business. Even franchises, are small, owner run businesses, generally owned and run by a woman, mostly single moms. Most woman who work in the industry as nail techs, therapists, aestheticians, or hairdressers are single moms. This is what’s most devastating to me. To say its been challenging is an understatement. Yes, closing our doors initially was the right thing to do. Now, we believe it’s time to open again. The longer we keep our doors closed, the more devastating the outcome will be. Already we have seen many businesses shut their doors for good. I am seeing CVs stream in daily. It breaks my heart to reply that we are not currently hiring. This pandemic will leave a long-lasting impact on our industry that we will remember for years to come. 

We have been forced to think outside the box, evolve hour by hour around this crisis and its implications. We have been coming up with new ways of bringing in revenue and how we will continue to run successful businesses during and post lockdown. At The Laser Beautique we are offering online consultations, we have launched our BUY NOW TREAT LATER campaign, we are retailing online. We have been offering DIY treatment kits such as DIY facial, manicure and gelish kits. We offering online courses to all in our industry on our Beautique Academy website. Part of our “pay it forward campaign”, we have offered everyone in our industry or anyone who would love to join our industry a FREE course. Anyone can sign up and take their pick between our Foundation To Skin or Foundation To Laser course.

During tough times, spreading kindness is the only way.