Our New Norm

May 27, 2020

An honest outlook given by Franco De Beer, Chef and Owner of The Green Peppercorn Bistro on the future of hospitality.

Level 5, 4, 3 ,2 1 this has become the topic  of all conversations  within the hospitality industry, and the waiting for the how and when a Restaurant will be allowed to open for trade whether by doing deliveries, takeaways or curbside pickup as the ‘new normal’. Terms like “Adapt or Die “and ‘’ Financial Suicide “are truly starting to become meaningful words and we truly are going to need to adapt to this ‘new normal’. With all the new social distancing rules and hygiene measures  to be complied with, some of  the questions being asked are  should we use a third party delivery company or employ a driver with a bike in order to ensure that our guests get the same quality that they would be accustomed to whilst dining at our restaurant. Even though it will take a long time for things to get back to business as we know it, we will continue to operate in an environment where it will be known as ‘ Business as unusual’ for the time to come and we need to welcome these new challenges and keep a positive mindset during this time.

A massive appreciation has to be said for all the well wishes and calls of concern our loyal fans have made as well as the donations made by the purchase of vouchers to be redeemed once we reopen. Our staff are truly grateful and never expected the amassing support shown by our neighborhood locals, landlords and guests and they can’t wait to see everyone again.

We truly believe that our dinners are creatures of habit and we all miss dining, lunching and cocktailing at their favorite eateries. We think as time goes by normality will prevail…..eventually. Now more than ever our business decisions are critical to the survival of our restaurants and have to be calculated to the exact cent, there is minimal-margin for error for incorrect buying, pricing and taking into account the actual affordability of most households had dropped significantly during this time. Those diners who enjoy their “once a month date night” or celebrating a special occasion may not be to do as often but will still need to be made as special as before.

We truly can’t wait for the day to see all our patrons back at the tables where they once sat and listen to the wonderful sound of laughter, chatter and the saying of ‘cheers’ while clinking the wine glasses and when the day comes, we will be here waiting for you! As the saying goes … ‘This too shall pass’, keep your families safe and healthy.

Franco De Beer, owner and Chef of The Green Peppercorn.