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Aug 7, 2020

I’ll never forget 2017. 

I studied for a full year, well studied and worked and forgot about the rest… I mean what’s health anyway (lol).

After that I … in layman’s terms, slipped two discs. I wore a brace and up till now, 2020 (the year from hell), I still very much do rehab. Daily. I work hard to keep my spinal muscles strong and flexible and mobile. 

Hallelujah for my knowledge.

My job requires me to be standing fit. I am to the best of my ability, fit in this manner, with effort and hard bodywork. However, I am not sitting fit. Now-now, don’t be judgey, we can’t all be perfect.

Lockdown has been taxing on everyone, and I am not just talking about the financial and emotional impact; I am talking more about the overuse syndromes you are all suffering from, especially now.

So many of you have got body pain you didn’t even know you had from your sitting position. Which in actual fact is the same as the couch position, and the lying in bed position!

Most people that do follow an ergonomically correct position don’t know that sitting, even in an ergonomic position, creates OVERUSE STRAIN.

Sitting increases the risk of neck strain, herniated discs in every part of the spine, advanced muscle and joint degeneration, weakening of the bone and when you finally reach my office, pain. 

An ongoing, continuous cycle of pain. The kind of pain that no amount of pain pills or anti-inflammatories can stop. All of the above affects your sleep, your digestion, your brain functionality, your moods, your sex life, your family interaction, your golf, you cycling, your home training, basically your quality of living. 

Not only are you stressing about your children right now, your job, covid, SA crime or the government, but now you are in constant pain. During this time a visit to the hospital isn’t the best idea either. So where does one get help?

Firstly get to the Chiropractor – at Morningside Shopping Centre. My offices are cleaner than anywhere else you could be. We are also able to see you without referral. We are also specialists in pain management of the spine and ultimately the body.

But here are a few tips in case you don’t want to leave the house just yet, or you just don’t have the inclination right now, or you’re not sure of the benefit of Chiropractic, or whether your medical aid will cover:

  1. Stop waiting for covid to finish! Stop procrastinating! We do not know how much longer this will last. And sitting badly is more than just poor posture.
  2. Get your ergonomic chair from the office, or order one. 
  3. Google! There are plenty videos to help you set up your workstation. Cheaply! 
  4. Change the monitors from side to side if you are using two. There is always one you look at more often, make sure it changes from right to left.
  5. Get another chair, so your body can sit and use different muscles, like a ball, like a saddle chair, not just your favourite ergonomically correct chair.
  6. MOVE – a different chair, a stretch, a walk around the garden, anything, movement is Q20 on a squeaky door! (How annoying is a squeaky door?!).
  7. Epsom salt bath!
  8. My ultimate favourite though – a standing desk! Why?
    – Because sitting all day kills your happiness.
    – Done correctly it strengthens the posterior chain, basically your booty, legs and core.
    – You burn more calories.
    – Improve cardiovascular health.
    – Lower blood sugar levels.
    – Reduces back pain and the stress associated conditions, and therefore will boost your productivity, your memory and your mood.

Simply by standing a minimum of 4 hours per day, you have taken back control over many physical aspects in your life, you never thought you did.

Nothing has to cost an arm and a leg. 

Nothing has to mess up the feng shui in your lounge. 

Besides, who cares about geomancy anyway, after you’ve reached up for the cookie jar, and your back gives in?!