World Spine Day

What is the importance of high lighting world spine day? Well, for starters, we only have one? And as far as I know, a new one cannot be created…yet. It is definitely not like a set of veneers? Replaceable every time we feel like it.

Important facts about the spine you didn’t know?

The spine has over 120 muscles in it, 100 joints, and over 220 different ligaments

This is why our spine is so flexible, and why it allows us to use it in so many different ways. Flexibity can be attained and should be even into old age.

Cartilage in the spine can expand and contract. 

Gravity can cause the cartilage to expand and contract, that is why sometimes when people go to space they come back taller! You are also taller in the morning than at night, because at night you have had gravity pushing down on you all day long.  This is also the reason the spine is very strong. It can hold hundreds of kilograms of weight, against gravity. IF it is in alignment and IF every vertebrae is stacked on the other correctly. The spine, also known as the backbone, and is the central framework upon which the body is constructed around. Without spine and associated feautures, we’d have absolutely no support for any coordinated movement….think amoeba!

The spine has an exceptional memory. 

Your spine will remember and become used to your posture. This is why it can be hard to get out of the habit of having bad posture. But once you do make a habit of good posture, your spine will remember it.

Baby’s spines begin developing just two months after conception. 

The spine is the first bone to start to grow when we are in the womb.

A subluxation is when one joint in the spine is not functioning correctly.

Subluxations initially go unnoticed because your spine will try to compensate and correct itself. Sometimes it doesn’t get this right. Another reason is because the nerve will only shout in pain and tell your brain once it has been pinched and caught upto 60-80% of its diameter.

Your spinal cord runs inside your spine. 

So your spinal column carries your internet of nerve signals to your body from your brain and from your body to your brain, inside the spinal cord, housed inside the spinal column. So every functioning aspect of your body that you think and don’t think about, runs as a nerve signal in your spinal cord. Imagine having a trapped or squashed nerve?

It would be lie our postal system, no delivery, too many letters at one time, someone else’s letters?!

As you can see your spine is truly amazing! And does things we arent even aware of. And a simple realignment could very well be the answer to that crystal floating in your ear, your little ones constipation, your sore throat, perhaps even your reflux?

Because of this we need to make sure we really take care of our spinal health. 

Regular checkups at the chiropractors are the best way to take care of your spine. 

By doing this, your doctor can make sure that everything is how it is supposed to be and if it’s not you can get it taken care of in its early stages.

Remember to celebrate WORLD SPINE DAY on the 16th of October, just like any other important day, this should stand out too.