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The Story of the Praia Prawns Family

Oct 25, 2021

When we started our Praia Prawns journey back in 2017, with just a small range of quality crustaceans, we had a vision of creating entrepreneurial ventures and growing our brand by choosing families that we would be proud to call our own.

Praia Prawns prides itself in showcasing quality imported and local products. We focus extensively on making sure our supply chain is sustainable and ethically sourced whilst providing personal customer satisfaction. We strive to make every customer feel like they are part of the family.

Fast forward to 2021 and Praia Prawns now has 3 Franchise stores with over 1000 products to choose from each store in Gqeberha (also known as P.E – the friendly city), St Francis Bay and more recently Morningside. 

As we grow, we will continue to uplift the community by supporting local brands that correlate with ours. We are also committed to bringing exciting products to the forefront for all our customers to enjoy.

As Founders and Franchisors, Bertus Volschenk (aka King Prawn), Vanessa Volschenk (aka Queen Prawn) and Ricardo Do Pinheiro (aka Prince Prawn), we have created the best family memories with our good food. To assist you with recreating good memories of your own, we believe we have a winning formula with little doubt in our minds that Praia Prawns were born to be shared. 

We couldn’t have asked for a better franchisee in Alida, who fits our mould and ethos as the first Gauteng franchisee. As a family friend who we have known for many years, it felt natural welcoming her with open arms to join the Praia Prawns family. 

Praia Prawns Founders and Franchisors: Bertus and Vanessa Volschenk and Ricardo Do Pinheiro.

A Morningside Franchisee Introduction 

Up until recently, I have had the privilege of enjoying a diverse professional career, specializing in botany and environmental science, clinical research, and project management. Whilst being very fortunate to have the opportunities and experiences of a career spanning nearly 20 years, the last six years were filled with 60-hour work weeks – that became the norm and a life that revolved around deadlines and the associated travel. I eventually felt a deeper desire for change, and this is how I started on my new journey with Praia Prawns.

Taking a step back to when I was in my mid 30’s, my late husband was the one responsible for introducing me to a rich variety of seafood dishes as well as other gourmet foods. He was the cook, and I was the enthusiastic taster – always eager and willing to be the master chef judge. However, when he passed away unexpectedly last year, my world was rocked to a standstill, and I felt that it was a natural step forward to re-evaluate my priorities and goals in life. 

This led me on my newfound journey, which started by finally getting that Spaniel puppy that I had always wanted, inviting my parents to live closer to me, and to live a more balanced life. These have all been steppingstones towards fulfilling my dream of running my own business, and by integrating my broad skill set, I can express my strong belief in the value of providing delicious, quality food products to my Morningside customers. 

Before my decision to partner with the Praia Prawns franchise, I had been exploring different business opportunities for some time, but it had to be the right fit, with the right people, and the right brand. It had to be a business that brings value to people in a way that I feel strongly connected to. I have known Bertus, Vanessa, and Ricardo – for nearly as long as my professional career. So, when the opportunity presented itself, it didn’t take too much convincing from my father to get on a flight and head down to Gqeberha for a weekend to reconnect with the Praia family. 

It was here that I looked closely at their business plan, systems, and processes. The support provided, the quality and variety of the products, as well as the look and feel of the Gqeberha and St Francis Bay shops – to say that I was impressed would be an understatement. What stood out to me was the integrity, commitment, and passion for the brand. The added allure of sustainably sourced, free-range, gourmet food products for both the professional and the home chef is what sealed the deal for me; or perhaps I should say – I was hooked, lined, and sinkered. 

So, I flew back home, walked through the door, made a cup of coffee for myself and my parents and after a short discussion, we celebrated the decision and opportunity to become part of the Praia Prawns family. Fast forward just a few months later and here we are, trading in the third week of our brand-new Morningside Praia Prawns store.

I am excited for the journey ahead and to finally fulfil my dream of becoming the retailer of a deli specializing in a wide variety of gourmet food products. In addition to having these friends with such a strong quality brand that I can identify with, what drew me to the Praia Prawns family business was how their core values resonate with me. Communication, Quality, Consistency, Collaboration, Creativity, Helpful and Personal Touch are what I believe to be the cornerstones of building a successful business. Together with this great team, I aim to strive towards my vision of expanding the business of quality food products further into Gauteng. I am so looking forward to my new adventure! 

Your Praia Prawns Morningside Franchisee – Alida Haasbroek

Alida and her intrepid team would like to thank Morningside Shopping Centre and the new family of customers for the warm welcome. We are looking forward to growing and connecting with everyone in the Morningside community.