In partnership with Pick n Pay

May 25, 2020

With many of our retailers and services unable to trade during the lockdown, Morningside Shopping Centre recognized that there is a need to support the staff across all retailers that have not been able to earn an income during the lockdown. 

In partnership with Pick n Pay Outspan, the Morningside Shopping Centre co-owners Flanagan & Gerard and Grapnel Property Group set up the “WE CARE” initiative to purchase and distribute food parcels to all our restaurant waiters, waitresses, car washers and staff from the smaller SMME’s.

A total of 221 families will be receiving these food parcels to assist them through these difficult times. We would like to thank the co-owners for their contributions as well as all the people who have been involved in the distribution of the food parcels. 

It is only when we all pull together that great things can happen.