Meet Nomfundo, Your Wellness Warehouse Store Leader

Jun 30, 2023

“Growing up on the dusty roads of northern KZN has been an incredible experience that shaped my life. I was exposed to numerous pathogens, which actually strengthened my immune system, and I had the privilege of consuming fruits and vegetables from my grandmother’s garden. Whenever I had a cold, my granny would make me steam with eucalyptus leaves, and in the event of a burn, I would cut aloe from the garden to soothe it. All our home remedies were sourced from my grandmother’s garden or the nearby bush. These remedies, passed down through generations, sparked my fascination with health and plants.

What astounds me the most is that my grandmother had no formal education, yet she possessed a wealth of knowledge about home remedies. It was her influence that led me to pursue a career in homeopathy, particularly after my grandfather lost his life to liver cancer that had metastasised.

My passion for health has brought me to the position I hold today, where I have the opportunity to interact with customers on a daily basis, guiding them on their journey to living a well-rounded life at Wellness Warehouse. I began working for Wellness Warehouse during my fourth year as a homeopathy student, and since then, I have gained invaluable insights into the importance of supplementation and the role it plays in completing or enhancing one’s prescription. It’s essential to note that supplements do not replace prescribed medications but rather complement them. Often, supplements are necessary due to deficiencies caused by poor absorption or inadequate amounts in our diet, mainly due to over-farming.

Living a well-balanced life is not just a trend; it’s a lifestyle. My team and I at Morningside Wellness Warehouse are here to support and guide you on your journey to a healthier version of yourself.

Please note: It’s important to understand that the mini-consultations offered at Wellness Warehouse, whether from me or my colleagues, do not replace in-depth consultations with your doctor or homeopath.”