Sticks Stones Team

The Chiropractic adjustment

Nov 5, 2020

I’ll start with the Subluxation

Medical definition:

Is defined as a partial or incomplete dislocation

Chiropractic definition:

“A spinal subluxation is a situation in which one or more vertebra of the spine is out of alignment with the vertebra above or below it.”

Basically speaking, one vertebra is locked on another, creating less or no movement to the joint affected. Functionally the movement is incorrect, limited or not moving at all. What then happens is what most people complain about within the corporate field; picking up slack for the others in the office that don’t work. 

It’s not even your job? You have your own to do? You don’t get paid enough for all the work you are doing. You’re getting more and more tired, your work is becoming sloppy, you start to dress differently, you act differently at the office because your angry at the people around you, you start to shout and scream, gossip even and the ripple effect is felt in the entire department. Depending upon the department affected, it would ultimately affect the finance department and eventually reach head office. And we all know what happens at head office. HELL BREAKS LOOSE. 

The department is the vertebral complex, which is the disc, two facet joints and the nerves affected. The worker directly affected is the joint complex above and below. The gossip and shouting are all the soft tissue structures including the organs affected by the nerves. And this all travels up the spinal column and nervous system to the brain – head office. 

The fact below distinctly describes that the ripple affect has to be up to a certain percentage for it to reach head office, but as seen the affects begin at the very, very beginning. When we don’t even initially know what’s going on.

The Chiropractors job, is to adjust, to move, to eliminate with any technique they use, with all the tools in their tool box, the subluxation or the actual cause of the problem you are experiencing.

Remember Chiropractic is not just clicking the joints, there is so much more involved than what you think or what you have heard. There are many different techniques and I am sure I can find one that suits you, or find someone to help you. 

Chiropractic might be the answer you are looking for, never stop looking for answers to your questions. Never just accept the first one you get.