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To stand up straight, or not to stand up straight? That is the question!

Sep 9, 2020


Ooooph it even sounds super scary…aren’t most horror movies one word?Jaws Depraved Crawl Chucky Us

Wow. The amount of literature, on how poor posture is ‘the new heart attack’ is astronomical. I shudder to write the following few things down on paper…

In 13 years I have seen people with the worst posture live happy pain free lives. I’ve seen x-rays that make me cringe and when the actual person hops through the door, I wonder if the radiology department made an email error?! On top of that I’ve seen people with terrible posture catching my Chiropractic eye in the gym and they report back to have certain ailments internally with organs as well as skeletal that are irrevocably created through lifestyle and their posture.

What I can tell you with all honesty is that good alignment and therefore correct posture, will enhance your athletic performance, increase your breathing capacity, help you flush lactic acid, give the body more energy, take the compression away from your brainstem and possibly improve hormonal function. Help you sleep better, remove pressure from your jaw by alleviating the anterior or forward head carriage and possibly then your daily headaches, blocked ears and twitching eye.

Correct posture helps constipation, opens the abdominal cavity to space. Alleviates shoulder and wrist pain. Prevents injury. A lot of the time foot pain because it lightens the gravitational load. It helps tract lymph better, due to better calf function and less gravitational force. The less your body has to focus and fight to keep you upright, the more capacity it has to focus on other things, we actually can not control. Like detoxing your liver from the wine you have at night because of stress.

It decreases incorrect wear and tear on the joints, ligaments and tendons. It lengthens muscles and shortens muscles when needed, which aids in aches and pains, and cramping. Helps the carbohydrate cycle within the muscle, and helps disperse lactic acid better after training.

You are not a textbook. Or a statistic. 

What I will also say is this. You are not your genes and age does not define your posture 


If you also so choose, sometimes correcting the posture is a minefield of opening up emotions, it requires effort, it make you feel discomfort in places you never thought you would have. It can take long (took me 35 years to get to a point of pain so bad I couldn’t make it from my car into the pick n pay to do some shopping, and I should know better. My surgeon wanted to pin my SI joint, it took me another two years, massively stubborn behavior, and dedication to correct, and my posture is BEAUTIFUL).

It can also take 3 short sessions.

What I do know is it will take maintenance too, like a pop in, wherever your maintenance schedule fits, some very limited home movements.

If ego or the need to be upright, maintain body awareness, look better, or get a date, or because you’ve stopped drinking and feel like being healthy, is the main reason to correct your posture, well then join many, many, MANY others. 

Besides that…why not look and feel better? Face the world with confidence? Why not take physical stress of your body that you can actually control?

At Sticks & Stones Wellness Hub, we will work with you on the level you want when you walk in the door. No one will force you to take on any treatment protocol. What we do stick to, and will not deviate from is thorough sessions, honesty and integrity.

Why not look and feel better?

I do.