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Celebrating the Pillars of Morningside: Women Who Make Us Shine

August is a remarkable month. It's a month when the country and the world alike celebrate women's indomitable spirit. In a world fraught with challenges, women have consistently risen, shaped, and transformed their spaces. Morningside Shopping Centre is no exception.

In celebration of Women's Month, we've embarked on a deep dive into the narratives of a few outstanding women whose passion, commitment, and resilience have played an instrumental role in moulding Morningside Shopping Centre into the community favourite it is today.

Amidst the refined ambience of Paul's Restaurant, we listened intently as these remarkable women shared their journeys. Their stories are filled with hurdles overcome, significant accomplishments, and the pivotal moments that have shaped their paths to Morningside.

Let's meet these phenomenal women:

Sharon Henry - Centre Management: Sharon is the backbone of our centre's operations. Her dedication and hands-on approach ensure that everything runs smoothly, making Morningside a pleasure for all who visit.

Tracey Hamann of Urban Escape: With an eye for the exquisite, Tracey's Urban Escape is a sanctuary for those seeking the extraordinary.

Kim Robertson of Hussar Grill: Kim's culinary passion at the Hussar Grill brings a taste of excellence to Morningside, with every dish weaving its own tale.

Edna Noel of Hobo Collection: At the forefront of fashion, Edna's Hobo Collection stands as a testament to her sharp sense of style and understanding of timeless elegance.

Fatima Kassim at Sorbet Man: Redefining men's grooming, Fatima's Sorbet Man is where sophistication meets relaxation.

Women's Day is not just a date on the calendar at Morningside; it's an ethos. These women, along with countless others, infuse our shopping centre with vibrancy and success every day. Their essence embodies Women's Month, showcasing the remarkable outcomes when women are both empowered and celebrated.

To delve deeper into their captivating stories, follow the links to each page. Join us in celebrating Women's Month and the spirit and essence of "My Morningside."

Because at Morningside Shopping Centre, we're more than just shops and services - we're a family, a community, and a testament to the incredible power of women.